_Leo BurnettUnited Arab Emirates


_Leo BurnettUnited Arab Emirates

8 pieces of cheese have gone missing! La Vache qui rit, Sara and Karim set off on an adventure to find the missing pieces.

The adventure takes them to 4 fantastic worlds, each hiding two pieces. Entirely from the user’s perspective, the adventure kicks off with the team’s plane landing in Pirates World where they set off on the trail, play games and choose different paths before finding the 2 of 8 pieces hidden in a treasure chest.

The adventure then continues to Persia, China then Ancient Egypt where the team steers a magic carpet, jumps over the Great Wall of China and enters secret chambers as they continue to overcome obstacles, play games and get clues from various characters they meet… until they complete the adventure inside the Great Pyramid and fly off to their next adventure.

La Vache qui rit’s competition was stealing market share left, right and center. In a category that lacks differentiation, La Vache qui rit, a premium brand, was getting lost in the clutter. So we decided to build a stronger brand that connects with kids directly and decided to send the Laughing Cow on a journey. ”The Adventures of La Vache qui rit” were born, a campaign concept that ended up being successful for years to come, kicking off with “The Quest for the Missing Cheese”.

Not expecting the response, our servers crashed three times, and we had over 3,000,000 visitors on the website in the first month, interacting for 15 minutes each on average. For this to be Groupe Bel’s first venture into the digital realm in the region, it became the most successful digital effort for the brand worldwide. The concept of “Adventures with La Vache qui rit” was continued for 4 years, sending the Laughing Cow, Sara and Karim to space and foreign places.

Creative Credits

Leo Burnett, Dubai

Creative Director
Sebastian Puhze

Digital Art Director, Designer
Frederick Tadeo

Senior Copywriter
Sunny Deo

Communications Manager
Fadi Bustros

Flash Development / Game Dev
Rahmat Hidayat

3D Animation
Optix Digital Pictures, Dubai

Sebastian Puhze

Andreea Gurbina

3D Animation
Amin Faramarzeyan
Ramtin Ahmadi
Geoffrey Dela Cruz
Nicholas King