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Molto "Lullaby"

MOLTO Molto Lullaby

_OgilvyOne WorldwideConcept workIndonesia

A staggering 6,5 million Indonesian women are migrant workers in countries across Asia and the Middle East. Imagine only half of them being mothers: over 3 million kids living without mothers in Indonesia.

Molto, Unilever’s fabric conditioner brand (named ‘Comfort’ in other markets) is all about “A Dose of Mom’s Love”. The idea was to help those mothers give their dose of love even when they’re a thousand miles away.

Every night all children go to bed, wrapped in a blanket, with their heads pressed on a soft, cosy pillow and minds wishing their moms would put them to sleep. With MOLTO LULLABY, it’s as close as they can be.

We’ll gather those moms to record their voice singing the Lullaby. In Indonesia, we’ll embed their sounds to the pillow. And deliver them to their children so every time their kids put their heads to sleep, they will hear their moms’ voices. And the most comfortable thing that a kid has at night also becomes a dose of mom’s love. In reality.

Due to connectivity being a costly endeavour for a lot of mothers abroad, multiple executions were discussed: from creating in-store recording booths in Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and pillow deliveries to the children in Indonesia to the use of Bluetooth and ‘woven speaker’ technologies for a cost of between 10 – 175 US$ for a delighted mom and a sleeping child.

MOLTO - A Dose of Mom's Love.